Lab 6 Green Plant II

last updated July. 29, 2002

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Solutes and Osmosis Root tip Internal Structure
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    Check with your own instructor to learn the assignment for your section. The instructions here apply to students in sections  taught by Dr. Reid.
    1. Do the exercise as written. Record all observations and label the diagrams as directed in lab exercise 6.

    3. Color the figures in the lab manual using the following color coding:

    4.        red       -- xylem
             blue      -- phloem
             green   -- mesophyll
             orange -- endodermis
             violet   -- cortex  pith
             uncolored = white -- epidermis, pericycle
    5. Prepare for a lab quiz next week.

    6.   able to identify tissues (epidermis, cortex, pith, xylem, phloem, endodermis, pericycle, mesophyll) as well as structures such as root cap, root hair, starch grains and stomates.