[From Computer Security Basics by Deborah Russell and G. T. Gangemi Sr., O'Reilly & Associates (1991).]

Hints for Picking Passwords

Pick passwords that are hard to guess. Here are some suggestions: The best passwords contain mixed uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as at least one number and/or special character. The password you pick doesn't need to be gibberish. In fact, if it is, you'll be tempted to write it down, defeating the purpose of your careful selection. Some suggestions are:

Hints for Protecting Passwords

Both system administrators and users share responsibility for enforcing password security. Remember, password security is everyone's responsibility. In addition to damaging your own files, someone who uses your password to break into a system can also compromise all of the files in your system or network. From the USENET: "A password should be like a toothbrush. Use it every day; change it regularly; and DON'T share it with friends."